Frequently Asked Questions


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The BC Dental Association publishes a dental fee guide annually. This is a guideline that dentists can choose to follow or not. At Bliss Dental, our fees are in accordance with the BC fee guide for most common procedures. Call us to find out more.

Your coverage depends on your insurance plan. Most major insurance carriers provide 80% - 100% benefits for preventative (eg. cleaning) and basic services (eg. filling). The best way to determine your benefits is to give us a call. We are happy to assist you with navigating your insurance plans.

Would you like to have the issue addressed immediately? Give us a call or book online. We would love to see you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in providing same day treatment whenever appropriate. We understand how stressful a dental emergency can be.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends having your first child visit within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age.

We call it a happy visit. It is a great opportunity for your child to get familiar with the dental setting. It is also a perfect time for you to ask questions. We will go over oral hygiene and diet instructions. An exam and polish will be completed if possible.

Children under 3 can start with training toothpaste without fluoride or no toothpaste at all. Starting around 3, when your child can rinse and spit efficiently, we recommend to use a toothpaste with fluoride regularly. We encourage you to help brush your child’s teeth until 6 years old.

Children usually lose their first lower front incisor between 4 -7 years old. The 1st adult molar usually erupts around the same time. Hence the name 6 year-old molar.

Yes. Your dentist focuses on more than just your teeth. During a comprehensive oral exam, we evaluate and diagnose all conditions of the hard and soft tissue in your head and neck region. Like high blood pressure and heart disease, a lot of oral and dental diseases are silent until they become severe. It is critical to diagnose and address those issues early while they are easy to tackle.

The Canadian Dental Association recommends seeing the dentist at least once every 6 months. The goal is to catch problems early while they are still small. Most people should also have their teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist or dental hygienist at least every 6 months. Like our vehicles, regular maintenance is key to prevent major breakdowns.

There is a limitation as to how much a dentist can see inside the mouth with the naked eye. Dental radiographs help us to see what is inside the teeth and underneath the gum. There are different types of X-rays that help us evaluate cavities, bone loss, infection, tooth formation, abnormal lesions etc. It is important to keep your x-rays updated so we can have a more comprehensive view of your oral health.

Like many things, moderation is key for whitening. It only becomes an issue if whitening is used too frequently. This could result in damage of the enamel or the root structure of the teeth. Your dentist will suggest an appropriate frequency.

Severe tooth decay, large fillings, cracked tooth or trauma can cause the tooth nerve to be irreversibly damaged. This can lead to severe pain and countless sleepless nights. A root canal is a treatment to remove diseased nerve tissue from a tooth’s pulp chamber to eradicate the infection/inflammation and alleviate the pain. Think of a root canal like a very deep filling that removes the pain.

A nightguard is a custom made, thin, thermoplastic appliance that helps to protect your teeth during clenching and grinding. It can also help with the headaches, sore muscles and jaw aches associated with these habits.

As the names suggest, sportsguard is typically for participants of contact sports to minimize the risk of fractured teeth, torn lips and other soft tissue damage inside the mouth. Versus nightguard, which is recommended for people with clenching and grinding habits to help prevent their teeth from being worn down.